Daybook: December

Outside my window: dark.  It’s supposed to be warm today, but this is a trap.  When it’s 25 now but 50 degrees later, I talk myself into not running early although I am perfectly capable of running in 25 degrees.  But then the day gets away from me, and I don’t run at all.  If I didn’t know it was going to warm up, I’d suck it up and just run in the cold. (I am going to wait until it’s light out, though, for sure.)
Untitled  Where I want to be running…

In the kitchen: our church packed us two huge boxes of food yesterday, so we’re working out way through that. Last night we had Salisbury steaks, salad, and German chocolate upside down cake.  It’s like a college dining hall.  We have to eat it all up, though, since Saturday I am picking up half an organic hog for our freezer.

In the school room: I can’t decide if I’m happy we are a third of the way through the school year. Is that a lot, or not?  It doesn’t seem like quite enough…

I did finally post our learning plans for this year. (All our plans, year by year, are posted at the top by year: 2010-1, 2011-2… 2015-6. Or under PAGES on the sidebar.)  The main value of those pages is the book list. Help yourself.

In our Advent preparations: the weekend between hospital stays, Moriah wrapped all our Advent books for us, and we’ve been opening them one by one. (Okay, sometimes two by one.)  Last night Phoebe opened The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and even the boys who think they are too old for Advent books stayed to listen.  That book gets funnier every time we read it.  Occasionally I remember to light some candles.

On my reading table: I have a whole bunch of library books that have gone untouched while I reread lots of Connie Willis.  She’s like chocolate for my mind.

In my shoes: Who said statistics lie?  This is a bar graph of my running in November.  Can you tell where my life dropped off the cliff?

Grateful: for those moments when I catch the children being really nice to each other.

For the life of Sam’s dad, and that I got to know him just a little bit before he died.  It’s twenty years since his death this week.
For Sam’s continued healing, and for everyone’s amazing generosity to us these weeks.

Praying: Mandy, Judy, Sam.  Patience and trust.  For babies Gabrielle and Joshua.  Erin.  Refugees.



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