phfr: beautiful November

Pretty: the temperature is dropping tonight, and we’re supposed to have snow tomorrow. I actually managed to cut the good roses and bring them inside. I had to do it in the cold rain and dark, but it was totally worth it.


Happy: Despite the general craziness going on lately, I have managed to fit a few short runs in here and there. On Tuesday, I ran through piles of crunchy leaves on the sidewalk but couldn’t manage to get any photos better than this one. I stopped about ten times to try to capture the beauty. [not successful] You’ll just have to take my word for it.


I’m not sure why my leg looks so weird in this photo. My perpetual pallor perhaps? Or maybe the plastic bag I keep my phone in to protect it from my sweat?  (I’m also not sure why the font is suddenly green.) Too many variables…

Another trans-baggie photo:

I finally stopped and took the phone out of the bag for this one:


One of the stuffed animals had a birthday party the other day, and I was invited to her tea party.


Real: Both my dad and Sam’s mom have had major surgery in the past week. They’re both doing well but have a long road of healing in front of them. Would you say a prayer for them? Thanks, friends.

Here’s one last bouquet for the road:


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