Daybook: late October

Outside my window: Dark. I hate that. I don’t mind running in early morning cold, but I just don’t feel safe running in the dark.


In the garden: Soon it’s going to be time to cut the last of the roses and bring them inside before the frost get them.  Also, my bulbs came, and I’ll plant those soon.  Last year we had a warm spell in December that made all the bulbs think it was spring and then none of the tulips bothered to try again in April.  I’m hoping to have better luck this year.

In the kitchen: Sam cooked up a storm yesterday: the last of our eggplants and peppers from the farm.  We still have lots of onions and some potatoes.  I have no idea what I planned for dinner tonight.

In the school room: We’re almost a quarter of the way done with school.  We have established a few good habits (daily history and literature time in the morning, getting math and piano done every day) and a few not-so-good ones.  Mostly the kids have figured out that Thursday is the low point of my week, and they know they can get away doing less without my having the energy to enforce better habits.  On myself, or on them.

On my reading table: I’ve just raced through Jojo Moyes’ After You and The Girl Your Left Behind.  Both so good, though very different.  Without anything new lying around the house, I’ve gone back to an old favorite, Elswyth Thane’s From This Day Forward.

In my shoes:  I got new running shoes last week.  Once again, I’m reminded that running 200 yards on the treadmill in them doesn’t predict how they’re going to feel on my feet after mile 3.  So short runs are the order of the day until they’re more broken in.


Grateful: we celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary this weekend.  We had a lovely family dinner (think: all my children, dressed up and ordering off a real menu. I knew Owen would be all right when he ordered the cheese plate as an appetizer) and then a party with sixty of my parents’ friends.  (I hope we have sixty good friends when we’re 75!)

Praying for: Mandy, Judy, Jim.  The Neals, Simons and Farrs, far far away. Mary, Season, Gina, Haley, Isabel, Aimee, Sean. Our priests and deacon. Refugees and those who care for them.


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