phfr: Matilda date

Last week we had tickets to see Matilda, the musical.  Jonah was sick and chose to stay home in bed, so we gave his extra ticket to our seven year-old friend, who rushed over from church to make it in time for the matinée.

Pretty: After the play, we had dinner on the 16th Street Mall, where there are chess boards and a charming but out-of-tune piano for anyone to play.  So we did.


Happy:  After dinner, we had Spring Fling Cake at The Market. (The girls had ice cream.)


Funny: Two Matildas, one Supermodel.
Real: the play is hilarious and scary at the same time (just like the book). Unfortunately, the actors were really hard to understand.  We missed at least half of the dialogue.  We purchased the CD so we could listen to it some more and I’m enjoying it, but I’m sad we couldn’t understand it at the time.  And poor Jonah is listening to it with us and is completely lost, even having read the book.  Bummer.


One thought on “phfr: Matilda date

  1. I am a huge fan of live productions. I go to a play as often as I possibly can, which isn’t very often unfortunately. It’s even more fun when I can take one or more of my kids along. Looks like your girls (and friend) had a great time. A bummer you couldn’t hear the whole thing, though.

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