Podcasts: my favorites

I’m very late to the podcast party, but over the past few months I have found a few favorites.

I like to listen to podcasts while I run… sometimes it’s like a friend is running along with me.
I saw this beauty last week on a walk with an actual (as opposed to radio) friend.

I have downloaded some podcasts related to my interests and found them as dull as paint drying, but these are my favorites:

Another Mother Runner.  Sarah and Dimity chat about all things running.  It’s just like going on a run with your girlfriends.

Radiolab.  I found Radiolab driving home from work, but it seemed to move around the NPR schedule quite a lot, and I couldn’t ever be sure of catching it.  Jad and Robert are fantastic storytellers and share my love of science and history.  And, well, anything.  Heavily edited, often so good I play them for the kids.

Happier with  Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth talk about how to make small changes to all aspects of life to make you happier.

What are your favorites?


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