phfr: beginning of fall

Pretty: the roses are super happy again.  I think I need to make some time today to sit on the porch swing and enjoy them.


Happy: I made it out for three miles today.  It was cool enough to keep my long-sleeved shirt on the whole time.  I love running in the fall.  (No photo of that: roses instead.)


Funny: This came up on my news feed the other night.  I can’t tell if it’s serious or not.  What do you think?


(If it’s real, then it’s not actually so funny…)

Real: I’m off to call Orthopedics. After he limped around the house with me yelling at him to stop acting ridiculous (hashtag don’t be the child of a doctor if you can help it), I took a look at his foot and realized he’d broken it. But the X-ray didn’t look bad, and I’m hoping this recovery will be quick.


6 thoughts on “phfr: beginning of fall

  1. so true about the the foot, but even worse if your dad is an orthopedic surgeon…happened several times with us. Hope it doesnt ruin fall activities for him…love to all judy


  2. Hannah would agree with you about being the child of doctors. Took us 2 mos to properly diagnose her foot stress fractures a few years ago. Love the roses!!


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