Daybook mid-September


Outside my window: the girls are having a water fight with the neighbors.  I have the windows closed, but I can still hear the happy shrieking.
In the kitchen: We’re hosting a group of medical students tonight for dinner, so Sam made peach-blueberry salsa and I just moved the pork chops from the brine to the marinade. The last time I brined them the pork chops were amazing, but I am not sure what the idea time for brining is. Any advice?

Also, my friend passed on a bunch of her wedding flowers, so I have four gorgeous bouquets around the house. I love flowers.

In the school room: We’ve completed three weeks of school. I think we’re settling into a groove with good books and regular work times. Right now we’re reading The Penderwicks at Point Mouette, The Egypt Game, Job, and The Trumpet of the Swan. Jonah already finished the week’s reading, because he didn’t realize he had two weeks to read Antony and Cleopatra. (Of course, I haven’t finished it yet…)


In the garden: Lots of roses in the garden, and a gazillion tomato flowers with hardly any fruit. This is all I got. They were all volunteer tomatoes, though, so I can hardly complain.


Grateful for: a fantastic weekend in the mountains for a friend’s wedding. Not only did we get to celebrate her and her husband, but we were able to spend time with friends who make me feel like we were together just last week, even though it’s been a year and a half. image

Praying for: Mandy. Judy. Deb and her family. Season. Grace to understand my children better. Refugees.  An end to gun violence.  Sam- his plate is very full right now.

2 thoughts on “Daybook mid-September

  1. Out of my window. Rain.
    In the kitchen. Chicken Soup (with dalo [taro] substituted for potatoes.)
    In school. Josiah making video about Literacy awareness week. Mercy finishing paper on Islam and Christianity and preparing to perform a scene from Midsummer’s Night Dream.
    In the garden. Dalo.
    Grateful for…Wes being home from an 8-day training in the Philippines. Whew. He’s on tap tonight, helping Josiah build a hot-dog solar cooker for the science fair. Two parents are a good thing.
    Praying for…the church. Refugees. The church’s heart concerning refugees. Our curriculum review. Mark. John. Amy. And you.


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