First week of school: a summary

I am very grateful for our neighbors’ sweet dog, who likes walks as much as Moriah does.

We went into our first week of school tired. I was definitely not at my best, but we managed to have a good, quirky, imperfect first week.  Here are a few snapshots:

Favorite moment: reading The Penderwicks on Gardam Street at our picnic

Most inspirational resource: Spare Parts, the movie

Biggest honor: playing piano at my friend’s mother’s memorial service

Biggest fail: tomato bisque (inspired by this clip, which my children inexplicably love)

Number of games played on the new coffee table: 18

Number of times the children asked “What’s for dinner?”: 835 (each)

Biggest milestone:  teaching Jonah to drive.  (Where is the parents’ manual for driver’s ed?!!)

Most untrue thing said: “I’m terrible at math!!”

Weirdest thing I said: “Solo puede haber uno!!” I haven’t actually let my children watch Highlander (even in Spanish)…  and not just because it’s the weirdest movie I like.  (Fargo being the other movie I have an odd affection for.)  But I feel it’s coming.

What is the weirdest thing you said this week?

2 thoughts on “First week of school: a summary

  1. Love Spare Parts. Saw it on a plane. And it sounds like you had a pretty great week! Thanks for talking yesterday… Walk tall, Ms. AP Bio/Drivers ed instructor. Maybe that’s the weirdest thing I’ve said.


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