Daybook: first day of school


Out my window: I love the cooler mornings and evenings as we head toward fall. Also, I love the light as it starts to slant.  My favorite season is the changing of the seasons, I think.

In the kitchen: I made oatmeal and oatmeal bread for the first day of school.  I have only easy meals planned for this week as we adjust to a new schedule.

In the schoolroom: Owen was up early and took his math to work on at his desk.  He’s very motivated this year.  Jonah has a heavy schedule, including AP calculus and AP biology, and I am a little nervous about supporting him through it.  I’m hoping the girls sleep late today- they were tired.  I’m tired.  We had a harrowing weekend.

Around the house: we had lots of guests last week, which is such a joy. Sam put the house back together before he left for his conference, so I’m not feeling compelled to address any of the deeper issues this week.  Hopefully no one will be stuck permanently to the kitchen floor.

On my bedside table: The Poisoner’s Handbook (Blum) and Arabella (Heyer), but I doubt there will be much time for reading this week.  I’m hoping to be surprised.

Grateful: I had the privilege of walking through some hard days with dear friends this weekend and saw a lot of prayers answered.  It was humbling. I also had a few hours with my friend Christine, whom I hadn’t seen for more than a year.

Praying for: Mandy.  Aimee, Sue & Ed. The Neals, Simons and Farrs. The Westervelts. Season & family. Deb & family. Lisa. Teachers and students everywhere. The Philippines. Refugees.

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