Every Year I Think It Will Be Easier… and I’m Wrong

Every year I think the Back to School rush will be easier.


I’ve been doing it for 10 years now, so I should have it down, right? As one of my patients said about her sixth pregnancy, “This ain’t my first rodeo.”

But every year, the craziness of hunting down a list of school supplies, shoes that fit, jeans that don’t stop at children’s ankles, and lunch boxes that don’t smell like rotting vomit catches me off guard. New routines, new books and teaching styles, and the shuffling of peer group stresses me out.

Sure, now I have great confidence that by mid-September, we’ll have this down.  Unlike my self as a first-time kindergarten mom, I’m no longer lying awake beginning July first, praying my child won’t be ostracized for some huge faux-pas on the first day.

But instead of coasting into the fall with my eyes closed, I’m like a mom facing her third or fourth labor. Yes, I know what to expect, but that doesn’t make it easy. And maybe it will go quicker this time, but I still have to do the work.

So here I am, t-7 days, biting my nails and praying that the year will get off to a good start. That my kid won’t be the one the class decides to pick on. That I won’t get to the store to pick up our school supplies and find someone else cornered the market on Elmer’s glue and graph paper.

Because someone is going to try. I know, because this isn’t my first rodeo.


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