A Twist on Game Night

We love family game night, and one of our favorites is The Character Game.  Briefly, one person is the designated writer.  Choose a category (for example book characters.) Each of the players chooses a book character and tells the name of their character to the writer (privately, so no one hears.)  When everyone has chosen a name, the writer reads the list of names (without identifying the players) aloud twice, in a different order each time. The list is never read again.

Then the players try to guess who each of the others is. (There is no acting or giving of clues: the winner is the last person identified correctly, so your goals are to 1) remember all the names and 2) choose a name for yourself that is not memorable.)

For example, the names might be Aslan, Olivia, Jean Val Jean, the Pigeon, Harry Potter, and Professor McGonnegal.

  • Bob: Cindi, are you Jean Val Jean? 
  • Cindi: No. Steve, are you the Pigeon.
  • Steve: Yes! [Now Cindi quietly tells Steve who she is, and they work together as a team, guessing the other players.  Continue until the last person is guessed.]
  • Cindi & Steve: Sharon, are you Harry Potter?

Playing the character game with cousins in June.

On vacation this year, we played it with twist. This team, each person told writer something on their “bucket list” and then we had to match the dream with the dreamer. It was brilliant.

Among the dreams were:

  • Driving a stick-shift BMW
  • Visiting Victoria Falls
  • Be on TV
  • Visiting Whistler
  • Sleeping in an over-water bungalow
  • Having a pet
  • Go to Oxford
  • Sing the part of Javert in Les Mis
  • Visiting Costa Rica
  • Graduating from college
  • Visiting South Africa
  • Swimming with sharks
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Visiting Paris
  • Owning a convertible
  • Petting a tiger
  • Having a pet cat

It was amazingly difficult to think of one that would neither scream my name or that Sam didn’t know. In the end, he knew I was the one who wanted to visit Whistler. Only after the game did I remember my long-time dream of working on the Penske pit crew at the Indy 500. That would have been a surprise.

What would you have picked?


2 thoughts on “A Twist on Game Night

  1. So great! We’re going to South Lake Tahoe for a family vacation this week. I look forward to bringing this game there! Hope you’re well!!

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