Daybook: End of July

Out my window: our vacation rental has amazing trees, and looking out my 3rd floor window is almost like sitting in a live oak. No Spanish moss (which I always think of as “druid’s beard”), but lots of little birds hopping around.

In the kitchen: Sam’s been cooking.  Hooray.

In the school room: Planning. We finally got the go-ahead for Jonah to take some community college classes… the question is if we want to do that this year or wait another year. So we’re praying about that.

The kids all said they didn’t want to take history at school but want to keep doing it together at home. (Warm fuzzy.)  We’ll be back on the Ancients (so much fun!) and I think we’re going to use the Story of the World as our “spine.” I have Augustus Caesar’s World as a supplement, and all sorts of other books.Around the house: I just finished Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: a good, quick read with both practical and deep insights. I am looking forward to a deep tidying up of my things when we get home. (Hold me to that, please, will you?)

What I’m reading: In addition to Kondo’s book, I just read Diane Mott Davidson’s, Double-shot, and Tess Gerritsen’s The Keepsake. I’m listening to Michael Connelly’s The Drop. It’s a wonder I can sleep at all. Next up: Susan Wise Bauer’s The Story of Western Science.

New to me: I just discovered The Walk, an adventure game in which you unlock audio clips of the story by taking more steps. It’s been so much fun and certainly has achieved its goal of getting me to walk more. Twice I’ve been out walking in the dark to get the last 5-10 minutes of an episode done before I went to bed. There’s a Zombie one, if you prefer zombies to spies.


Grateful: for an opportunity to bless my daughters last night.  For a quick drop-in to the former slave quarters of the Hamilton Plantation yesterday, and for the tireless work of William Wilberforce and so others to end the slave trade. For the beauty around me on my morning runs (even if I can’t breathe in the humidity).


Praying for: Mandy, Lois, Judy.  The Simons, Neals and Farrs. Season and her family. So much sadness among my patients at work.

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