7QT: on time and distance

One: Here is Owen doing his awesome 100 butterfly at last week’s meet.  He’s improved so much that his meters time is the same as his time in yards 6 months ago. (I have no idea how to convert that, but… he’s swimming stronger.)

Wanting to show him how great he looks, I showed him this photo.  All he said was, “I’m swimming on the lane line again.”

Two: immediately after posting about how good it was not to think about school, I starting planning for the fall.  #nomoreAhhhhh.

Three: the other day at work two friends and I went for a “wildflower walk” during lunch.  It was great until I came back to the office and another doctor popped in to tell me everything that’s wrong with how we do things.  She’s right, of course.  The system is incredibly broken and frustrating.  Why else would I have to pick wildflowers at lunch? And then feel bad about picking them?     image

Four: My brother-in-law took us rock climbing last weekend.  I’ve lived in Colorado for 29 years and never done it.  What a blast.  No wonder people get hooked on it.  In lieu of showing you one of the 49 photos Momo took of my butt from below (you’re welcome), I’ll show you Phoebe, who shot up the rock face like a mountain goat.

Here we are posing under a tree full of ticks.


// Feel the love.


Six: then we went to a park in Boulder I love.  My dad’s work used to have their annual picnics there, and we went and played in the creek. Somehow we ended up at the exact spot I used to use as my “house” all the time.  That big rock they’re standing on was my kitchen table.


Seven: this week is my runniversary. I’ve been running for four years (if we just keep the Garmin running through the injuries that made me take a few breaks) and have traveled 1621 miles.  That’s like running from London to Paris to Munich to Amsterdam to Hamburg.


Or, alternately, 516 loops around the 3.14-mile route in my neighborhood.

I listened to an another mother runner podcast featuring a dad who’s running from the Pacific to the Atlantic this summer with his 7 year-old in a running stroller. Totally inspiring. If you were going to run a long-distance race, and money, time and shin-splints were no object, where would you go? (I’d run from San Diego to Vancouver.)


5 thoughts on “7QT: on time and distance

  1. Lots to celebrate! Thanks for perspective. And great to see the climbing pics! It’s raining here today, and Anna reminded me: “If we were in Colorado, it’d be sunny for sure!” Colorado love has been ignited in her.

  2. Ahhhh shinsplints!! Ack. I get them in dance and they’re horrible.

    I guess I’d do some sort of challenge like Pacific to Atlantic. My area here bumps closeish to the Pacific so I would probably like to run away (haha) to where I’d love to visit (New York). I need some fun motivation too, so I’ve always wanted to participate in those crazy challenges like the Zombie Run, Color Run, or something with an obstacle course. I’d also love to run up to Canada because it’s beautiful there and it would only get cooler the further I went. i live in Southern California and it’s too hot for life. lol.


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