Ahhhhh… summer

Perhaps I am incorrectly recalling the last few summers, but this is the first summer in a long time that has felt like a deep breath. What is different this year?  Certainly a piece has been not traveling right when school finished, and being settled in our home, neither trying to pack for a move or settle in after a move.  But I think there’s more to it than that.

1. We made it to the mountains early.  Often I will save our camping trip for August because of other things we have to schedule, but this summer we managed to make the trip happen before anything else could preempt it.  The mountains always help me take a deep breath.


2. I didn’t make a list of 20 (or 200) things that had to get done. This summer’s to-do list included a lot of self-care: keeping flowers from the garden in the kitchen and spending time every day in prayer, instead of make it to every park in the neighborhood and clean out the garage.

3. The kids spent 3 weeks in camps. Without me.  While the driving (especially the week that Owen and Momo’s camps overlapped) was annoying, the fact that I couldn’t plan a big weekday hike or whole-family project left smaller snatches of time for me to relax.


4. My kids are bigger.  We’re no longer in the raccoon phase, where every time I turn my back, someone has dumped keys in the toilet or conditioner in the carpet.  No one is going to die if take a nap in the afternoon.

5. I am taking naps in the afternoons.

sparrow’s nest in my flower-pot

6. I haven’t started planning for next school year.  Normally by the end of June, I have planned at least several subjects and amassed a room full of curriculum.  Not this year.  We’ll see how I feel come August, but so far I am confident that our routine will smooth over any gaps in my planning.

7. I’ve said No.  I hate saying No, but it turns out a No here and there is essential to my sanity.

How is your summer going?  Have you said, “Ahhhhhh…” yet, or are you still running on full speed ahead?


9 thoughts on “Ahhhhh… summer

  1. Afraid my Ahhhhh summer is not going to be coming again this year. Haven’t been to the BEACH now in 6 years, Was going to try and go this year, but then the “hip” happened things changed. glad you know what your Ahhhh moment is

  2. #5 keeps me sane.
    We don’t change a whole lot of gears in summer, since summer is when Dan’s work gets busy, there doesn’t seem to be much point, but topics drop out as the annual goals finish up. I do worry that I’ve set Ben up to have a dilly of a time with the tight deadlines of college though.

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  4. The raccoon phase. What a great name for it. If I had only the number of minutes I’ve spent cleaning up broken glass in the last 6 months… Not sure why that one comes to mind… Maybe because there’s broken glass in the basement I haven’t even dealt with yet as I type…

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