Grateful: this week

One: I’ve been able to run three times in the past ten days. I am so grateful for being able to run without pain.


I love the slanting light edge-of-day on these thistles. Nothing resets my head quite the way an early-morning run does.


Two: Sam hung our patio lights!  Immediately, SweetP asked if the dragonflies were going to come back.


Three: I’m grateful for the Doo’s and Donts (sic) Hair Salon, conveniently located at the top of the stairs.



Four: for summer food.  Peas from the garden, garlic scapes, lettuce, and cherries.


Five: that Sleeping Beauty woke up. And even more, that she had a wonderful week at backyard theater camp.


What are you grateful for this week?


3 thoughts on “Grateful: this week

  1. I love the lights. Aaron and Justine got me some and Costo and Aaron hung the up for me.,really adds charm to the backyard., that really doesn,t have any charm. So grateful I got to see Tammy, Dan and Ransom….Ransom is so good looking.. Happy 4th

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