{pretty, happy, funny, real}: It’s finally Summer!

Pretty: With all the rain we’ve had, Colorado is more green than I can remember.  This was especially evident when we went camping last week.  Between the green meadow and blue sky, I was overwhelmed.


Happy: My baby is fifteen. Seriously?   How can that be?  Despite a torrential storm, we managed to have a birthday dinner with hamburgers, cake and paper hats.


Funny: The girls had a great time paddling around- in the lagoon, and in the bigger lake (with a bigger boy) to discover an island. (I’m sure no one had landed there for at least 15 minutes before they “discovered” it.)


However, when the kayak tipped, SweetP raced her godfather out to rescue it. Guess who won.


Real: I rode my bike to work for Bike to Work Day.  I felt pretty smug about it until I realized I had no nice shoes, so I had to look like a clown all day in my linen pants and running shoes.  The good news was that most of my patients were under the age of seven, and they didn’t care.


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5 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}: It’s finally Summer!

  1. All your pictures are so happy! Love the kayaks and, well, the “clown” shoes – you might start a
    trend! = ) Colorado looks amazing with the mountains in the background….I am from the midwest…..I love my green, but sadly no mountains!


  2. HI annie…i love this blog and the pictures and seeing the kids and keeping up what you are doing. Mandy and I were doing good untill we both landed in the hospital. Now i.m over at Marionjoy trying to get my life together. I’m so happy that when sam comes out he brings a child with him…i get to know them better. thank you for letting them come. I love you all.


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