Things that make me happy today

It’s easy to feel sorry for myself when I can’t run. The absence of it affects many parts of my life, from how much patience I have for my kids to how my pants fit to how much I enjoy my food to how well I sleep.  So while I am feeling the absence of running, I am trying to notice all the other things in my life that are making me happy right now.  Maybe you will share some of your own in the comments?


Yoga with Adriene

Sam and I did Adriene’s 30 days of yoga in January (though it took more than 30 days around here) and got hooked.  I like the variety in her workouts and how often she reminds me to check in with my own body and listen to what feels good, instead of trying to emulate postures that I’m not ready for.

The garden

Our garden very small, but taking note of what’s blooming or changing today makes me happy.


My clothesline

May was so wet that I used the dryer much more often than I liked.  The twenty minutes it takes to hang (or pull down) a load of laundry is time I have to myself. (Weirdly, the kids aren’t so interested in hanging laundry with me.)

Mo Willems books

We had a stretch recently where the kids kept pulling Disney adaptations or bad series books off the shelf to read.  I asked for some recommendations and discovered Mo Willems.  I’m never disappointed.

Product Details

Being a Yes Mommy

My default answer to all kids’ requests is No. My mind jumps immediately to the mess at the end, and I say no.

But like being the Yes mommy.  Today I said yes to “Can I make pancakes?”  (daughter 1) AND “Can I make waffles?” (daughter 2).  Several hours after I put the kitchen back together, I said Yes to a tea party for lunch.  I love saying Yes.


What’s making you happy right now?


6 thoughts on “Things that make me happy today

  1. My Garden! I have about 14 basil plants (I know, way too much, but they have always died before), 4 eggplants – with lots of fruit on them, lemon grass, a papaya tree, and some other local leafy greens growing. I don’t get in the garden much these days due to my schedule, but it’s in the auto pilot stage and it makes me so happy to see the new growth.

  2. Sharing life with you! That summer has arrived, which mostly means I am fully accepting and loving of not having work deadlines.

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