7 QT in 1 shoe

One: I’m using our unit on the Cold War as an excuse to watch my favorite 80’s movies: War Games, The Hunt for the Red October, and White Nights.  Somehow I didn’t remember how bad the language is.  At least the dancing is awesome.


Two: We are two-thirds of the way through our haze of concerts, performances and dress rehearsals. Unfortunately, during rush hour all the extra rehearsals are an hour each way.  I’m like a regular commuter now. But seeing how happy Moriah is after each performance makes it almost worthwhile.


Three: We found a dance studio nearby. In biking distance, even.  I emailed the studio to set up a placement class for the girls and then realized I didn’t have the right sized shoes.  Actually, I have nine shoes, but only one in the right size. This is the story of my parenting.


Four: While the children were sleeping, I managed to plan May’s meals and make a grocery list.  I even snuck out before they were awake to buy most of the groceries for May.  And now I can’t find the plan.  Perhaps it’s with the missing shoe.

Five: Meanwhile, Owen and Sam are visiting family (and even surprised some friends) in Chicago.  Jonah has written 5000 words of his novella, and I am working hard to catch Phoebe up on her swimming deficit.  Today she spent 45 minutes diving for toys on the bottom of the pool.

Six: I’m starting to think about summer.  I have some ideas for our family reading program (more on this later, I promise). I just registered Owen and Moriah for the Red Cross Babysitting course, paid my money and realized we will be out of town the day of the class.  Here’s hoping they will let us switch it.  I sent an email, but they’re busy in Nepal right now.


Seven: Both boys have filled out applications to volunteer at the library for the summer.  Next week we meet the new refugee family we will be working with.  Moriah’s growing her dog-walking business and will do a week of theater camp in June. Phoebe wants to do a dance camp and swim “all the time.”  Thinking back to last summer, I want to be sure I don’t set a pace we can’t sustain.  I’m dry.  I need some time to let the rain soak in.  To hike and sail and read. Maybe even to clean out the shoe bin.

seven quick takes friday 2

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