Butterfly field trip


Somewhere in last week’s haze of appointments and rehearsals, I took Phoebe to the Butterfly Pavilion. (I had been boycotting it for several years because the exit used to run right through the gift shop, and I’m categorically opposed to that.)  The Pavilion, being the only museum near Moriah’s rehearsal, got my business, and we worked our way through it amid a plethora of school children ignoring their parent chaperones.

Initially Phoebe wanted nothing to do with the arachnids. She wouldn’t even walk up the steps to view the scorpions better. But then she noticed the dung beetle’s fantastic colors, and she became a little more bold. Bold enough to “hold” Rosie the tarantula. Twice.


It was so much better than spending two hours at Target… and even though $18 seemed like a lot to spend for 2 hours, it was certainly less than we would have spent at Target.


Have you found or made a surprising treasure in your week?

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