Daybook: somewhere in April (but I’m pretty sure it’s not Paris)

Out my window: the maple tree is unfurling its leaves. They are as red as the crabapple leaves today.  Last week’s snow froze the blooms on the pear and peach, so I doubt there will be fruit this fall, but the peas and lettuce didn’t mind the snow at all.

In the kitchen: our monthly eating plan is working, especially in terms of the children’s cooking.  If it’s on the calendar, I’m much less likely to say “no” when they say they want to cook.  Last week Phoebe made Dijon chicken, rice, a vegetable platter, a fruit salad and popsicles.  Tomorrow Jonah’s making shepherd’s pie (I’m sure his version will have fewer vegetables than mine) and Owen is determined to master the grill.


On the calendar: from here to the end of May is non-stop relay from recitals to volleyball games to dress rehearsals to soccer games to swim meets.  And while it sounds like we’re getting lots of exercise, I’ve realized that organized team sports mean lots of exercise at practice, a little bit at games/meets and none for the spectators.  We are a family who shows up for each other’s games and performances and meets, but I need to figure out how not to let spectating turn the rest of us into bleacher potatoes.


This Thursday, the cast comes off.  (And there was great rejoicing!)  Can you see the bubble wrap and rainbow duck tape on the cast at soccer?

In my shoes: My BRF and I are running the Colfax Urban 10-miler next month.  I wrote myself a running plan that has some flexibility in terms of rest days and the realities of our schedule.  If I can make it through without injuring myself (as I look up at the tree tops to figure out what bird that is) I should be good.

On my nightstand: I’m reading King Lear and Cry the Beloved Country for Jonah’s English class.  I just reread Connie Willis’ Blackout and All Clear (reviews here and here) and enjoyed them even more than I did the first time.

In the school room: it’s hard to finish the year well.  We’re doing our best, but we’d really rather be outside.  Last week we took a day at the art museum with some friends and had a lovely time.  This week we’re doing a lot of writing.

Grateful for: a time of prayer last night.  The youth volunteers who help with the children at church.  Amy’s transplant. Good books. Dawn’s new job. That Sam’s back is doing better.  Opportunities to minister in unexpected ways over the past two weeks.

Praying for: Mandy. Clare. Lisa. Jerusha & Wes. Amy & Jeremy. David. Kristin. Lois. Jen. Heather.


4 thoughts on “Daybook: somewhere in April (but I’m pretty sure it’s not Paris)

  1. Ben just finished reading Blackout and All Clear to us at bedtimes. We caught so many more subtle clues and cameos reading and discussing it together than we did reading them alone – also, read aloud,no one skimmed or skipped to figure out the plot.

  2. Addendum: K was supposed to be in bed before we read it, but she heard enough to ask clarifying questions at breakfast.

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