Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: April

Pretty: Spring cleaning this week! After so many years of feeling like the kids’ cleaning didn’t help me much, we’ve reached the point where 30-45 minutes of our working together really can accomplish a lot!

Of course my photo of that is not a sparkling kitchen, but the cleaning rags and the bathroom rug drying. Hmmm…

Happy: We have a tradition of going out for pizza our last night of spring break. The paper-covered tables and crayons work well for the whole family, from 7 to 77. We play “guess what I’m drawing” to “lightening-draw” to “hangman.”



Funny: While Moriah and I skied, Phoebe and Sam (or Phoebe and her grandparents) toodled around town looking at all the sculptures. Being the sculptures.



It was an extra bonus that all the bears were dressed up in pink for the town’s American Cancer Society fundraiser.


Real: We arrived early at dance class. Probably they should have been practicing their dance, but… but no. Apparently it was time to fence with sticks.


All right, friends– a blessed Triduum to you all, and may your Easter be full of joy!
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2 thoughts on “Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: April

  1. Love, love, love this peek into your adventures. Welcome home. May there be much grace and joy marking these final months of school.


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