Daybook: End of March

Out my window: the sky is changing from purple to white, like an ombre-dyed shirt. We returned from vacation to find Spring everywhere.

not my tulips:

In the garden: Consequently, we spent a good part of yesterday uncovering the garden.  Even with all our little baby plants, we had a pile of stems, thorns, and leaves which the kids dragged to the alley on the sled.  Most of my rose bushes have red and green new growth on them.  The iris are all up, and the clematis is greening up.  Our crabapple trees are leafing out, and the peach tree has a few blooms.  None of my tulip bulbs came up, though- well, they came up in December and then were frozen by a snap cold front.  I wonder if they’ll try again next year, or if they just gave up and moved south.

In the school room: I’m excited about Jonah’s English unit on Revenge and Mercy.  I just framed some questions for him to ask, and he’ll choose the books today.  Alas, The Princess Bride isn’t on the list.  We’re plan to work on some study skills: active listening, note taking, and organizing notes.  Dartmouth College has some great resources on these topics, and I plan to have the kids practice while watching some Ted-Ed lectures, which are short and focused.  SweetP plans to read me a Frances book today.  (She may have to read a few: they’re ALL my favorite.)

Around the house: I spent the weekend washing winter clothes; Sam spent the weekend putting them away. Now the kids and I can do some “spring cleaning.”  I’ve budgeted it into our schedule, and I’m hoping that will mean we actually do it.  In reality, we’ll probably do some today, and then I’ll say, “Let’s all be outside instead!”  At the end of every winter, I’m always too spent to clean, and then spring hits and I just want to be outside.

after the trip:

On my book pile: How to Read a Book (Adler), The Monument Men (Edsel & Witter), The Screwtape Letters (Lewis).  I’ll be adding whatever Jonah picks for his six books on Revenge and Mercy. (I’m hoping he chooses The Count of Monte Cristo.)

In my shoes: I didn’t run at all last week.  I’m hoping this week holds some runs, but between covering the hospital tonight and 3 extra services at church, it may not happen.  Are you running?

Grateful: that Mandy is home, for a good vacation, church yesterday, for popsicle and porch-swing weather, Sonia’s safe return from Liberia, and after-dinner walks.

popsicle weather:
Praying for: the energy to finish the school year well. New jobs for B and L. So many friends & family with health issues right now (both acute and chronic). Heather & family. The Neals and Simons. Tillie. A holy Holy Week.

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