7 QT on Skis

This is the child who can’t ski. Instead, she spent the week going out with her grandparents and doing performance art.

1. This week is our mostly annual ski vacation. It has been an unusual year, especially because SweetP’s broken arm precludes her participation in our two usual activities: alpine skiing and swimming.  So we didn’t make our perennial trek to the world’s largest hot springs pool (talk about salt in a wound!) and haven’t been spending our evenings in the pool here at the resort.

2. My 10 year-old daughter, however, loves to ski and none of her body parts are currently casted, so there was nothing to get between her and the mountain.  Sunday, we all s(minus SweetP) skied together.Everyone was finding their legs again after a year off skis.  Our Epic passes track every time we ride a lift, which my parents think is creepy and Big Brotheresque.  (The rest of us, who are more smart-phone minded, think it’s pretty cool.)  We skied 6712 vertical feet before the boys’ quads made us call it a day.


3.  Additionally, my 12 year-old’s Mountain Lab Camp was this week, from Monday to Wednesday.  The camp was a 117-miles drive each way.  Monday’s drive was easy in sunny weather.  On the way back from camp, my daughter and I stopped at Breckenridge and skied another 9404 vertical feet in the afternoon.

4. Can you see the teeny tiny lift at the top of the photo?  We rode up that, to an altitude 12,256 ft above sea level.  I thought the wind was going to blow my girl right off the mountain, but she held tight and skied down turn by turn.  The view was amazing.



5. The next day I could hardly walk.  I put her in ski school.  That’s right, I paid $210 for the right NOT to ski for a day.

“Yeah, we had a good time skiing cross-country. Mostly we tried to run over each other’s toes.”

6. Wednesday, the snow hit.  I drove another 117 miles down the mountain in snow– while the opposite side of the highway was actually closed because of bad conditions– to pick Owen up.  I almost got the car stuck within the camp. I ate lunch with his cabin before turning around to drive another 117 miles back up the mountain.  The good news: he had an excellent time, and we had a great book on CD (Bomb by Sheinkin) to listen to in the car. Total camp miles: 468.

7. Yesterday, we went back out on the mountain for another 18,324 vertical feet.  That’s right, my friends, the sound you hear is the screaming of my quads and calves. I don’t have another $210 for ski school, so most likely I’ll be out there again today.  Wish me luck.

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