{p,h,f,r}- February 2015

Pretty: Our lemon tree is blooming again.  We have one lemon ripening on a [very dusty] branch, and many blossoms.  We’ll see if they can survive in the desert that is our living room.

Happy: Owen celebrated his birthday.  I lost count of the cakes and dinners we had, but they were all good, and he was definitely happy about it all. However, he has asked me not to post his face here, so…


His birthday was the first celebration we had in our home, so its anniversary was significant for me. I’m so glad we are here. Together.

Funny: This may count as doctor humor, but it has me chuckling.


Real: Alas, reality is all too familiar to us.  We took a walk on Monday and stopped to play at the playground, where SweetP fell and broke her arm.  Again.  [Same arm but only one of the bones this time.]  This time I couldn’t tell just by looking at it, but she knew by how it felt.

We’re back to ice packs and one-handed board games.  And no handwriting for the rest of the year.

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2 thoughts on “{p,h,f,r}- February 2015

  1. Looks like a fun birthday celebration!
    I’m not looking forward to the day when I have to deal with broken bones but I feel like it’s inevitable with two rambunctious boys! (And possibly a third on the way!)


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