{phfr}: February

{Pretty}:  Sam brought me flowers before he left for Hawaii. That’s fair, right– he gets a week in Hawaii and I get tulips?


They are my favorite flower.

{Happy}: While he was gone, we had friends come to stay for the week.  One of our adventures took us to the science museum, where the kids spent hours playing with this ball machine.


{Funny}: In the gem exhibit, my friend’s 4 year-old kept pointing to the crystals and saying, “Elsa’s magic!”  She hasn’t even seen the movie.


{Real}: Even better, my friend brought crafting stuff and my girls got to make hours and hours of crafts that I neither had to plan, nor clean up. Can’t beat that!


For more {p,h,f,r}, go check out Like Mother, Like Daughter!


3 thoughts on “{phfr}: February

  1. Crafts I don’t have to plan or clean up are the best kind. Well, actually, they’re the only kind. And that’s why crafts are rare at our house. 🙂 How fun to have a friend come bring all the supplies!

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