How Lego is listening

It’s been in the news lately: how the Lego Movie sequel is slated to have more female characters. (As if Lucy aka Wild Style and Princess Unikitty don’t count.)

Princess Unikitty Behing the Bricks LEGO Movie 2 Will Include More Female Characters

And my girls notice these things.  There has been much speculation at our house about why Wonder Woman wears her swimsuit.  Is she going swimming?

(Note Wonder Woman 2.0’s crime-fighting leggings.)  Apparently Lego is listening.

Unfortunately, they also seem to be listening to the Barbie movies, which portray every high school heroine as having her own car and a closet full of fashionable halter tops and sparkly shoes.

Owen, my perennial Lego-lover, is outgrowing his Legos.  Sigh.  It makes us both sad, because we had a lot of good times sitting together, searching for the right two-dot black piece he had to have for whatever he was building.  Now SweetP is the Lego-lover around here, and for her birthday Owen handed down his beloved action mini-figures, including his LOTR and Harry Potter mini-figures.
The other day, I sat down to play with her. She was putting together people for her kindergarten class, and I assembled a few people and handed them to her as potential kindergarteners.   “No, Mommy,” she said. “Those have to be teachers.”


“Their legs are too long.”

She had taken all the half-size Hobbit legs and used them to make five year-olds.  Maybe Lego should consider that: making a set of realistic five year-old with short legs and lunch bags.


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