Happy Birthday: Seven

How I love seven!  SweetP at seven is mostly past the angst of five and six (lots of ambition, no skills) and into a time of increasing achievement and confidence.


Seven likes practical jobs. Important jobs.


Seven knows what kind of cake she wants and has to frost it herself.

Seven can lose herself for hours in playing with Legos.


Seven wants to show you the Lego castle and tell you blow-by-blow how she built it.

Seven wants to stay up late to catch the Tooth Fairy.


This was a big year for our seven year-old: a move, new friends, lots of travel, a broken arm and many resulting disappointments. I am so grateful for her heart of prayer and tenderness. I know she’ll keep growing, but Seven is pretty wonderful!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday: Seven

  1. Happy Birthday & welcome to the wonderful world of 7! So glad to hear that despite a challenging year, all of you are doing well.

  2. Seven IS awesome! Besides her obviously awesome architectural skills, we should mention a few other things. Seven likes make-up, and poofy hair, and getting a makeover with Rey Rey. Seven likes painting her fingernails and toenails. Seven likes watching tv and movies and eating junk food at the Bernhard academy. She’s on track to be valedictorian! Seven is awesome! ❤️

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