Daybook: End of January

Outside my window: it’s still dark, but the day promises to be sunny and in the 70’s.  Nobody’s shoveling around here.  Don’t tell anyone, but January is a great month in Colorado.


In the kitchen: I’m trying to use things up before my big grocery run, and I have to pick up our hog from the butcher on Saturday.  So we are eating out of the freezer.

In my shoes: January was a good month for running (back to that weather I mentioned, I’m sure.)  This weekend I took a hike as well, which made for fantastic viewed and a different kind of exercise.  I need to do more winter hiking, even if the many layers of clothes are a pain.


In the school room: SweetP has had a hard time getting back into the swing of things after break.  While the other three have years of the rhythm to draw from as we start again, for her it’s still relatively new and therefore difficult.  This past week she got very excited about writing, and doing math on the white board instead of on paper has helped.

On my book shelf: I have a lot of different books going right now.  Betty MacDonald’s The Egg and I, Shauna Niequist’s Bread and Wine, Sam Kean’s The Disappearing Spoon… they are all good books of short essays, but there’s nothing that has captured my heart so that I can’t put it down.  (I should be grateful: when I can’t put a book down, my sleep suffers.)

On the needles: a baby sweater.  I can’t wait to meet my friends’ new daughter!


Grateful for: a weekend away.  My friend Hillary planned a girls’ weekend for four of us in the mountains. We didn’t all know each other at the start, but we had a great time– restorative and restful– with hiking and amazing homemade Ethiopian food and prayer.


Praying for: my friends overseas, including Sonia who is working in a MSF hospital starting in Liberia. Gentleness and patience.  Dawn, Amy, Lori, Lisa, Clare, Judy, Mandy, Heather.


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