Daybook: Twelfth Day of Christmas


A merry Cretaceous Christmas to you, too.

Out my window: darkness.  And cold.  Somehow the chickens keep giving eggs, despite the cold, although a few of them despise the snow so much they block the ramp.  Every few minutes they peep out from the coop, and I can hear their disappointment that it hasn’t melted yet.  It’s going to be a long winter for them at this rate.

In the kitchen: I have barley soaking and some really good beef broth.  We’re going to have beef and barley vegetable soup. Vegetable soup with beef and barley?  Too many modifiers to figure out what order to put them in.


The world’s hardest puzzle. It’s been up for twelve days and we’re nowhere near finishing it.  This was the first time they all sat down to work on it.  I told them they couldn’t play computer games until they’d each assembled 4 pieces.

Around the house: Sam did a round of purging with the boys this past week– too-small clothes, toys and games and books they no longer enjoy.  Owen’s desk is clear, and he was so inspired he came looking for some schoolwork to do on it.  Our Christmas decorations are still up.  I’ll take them down tonight or tomorrow morning for Epiphany.  I like to fill the house with candles for Epiphany, the season of light.

In the schoolroom: We don’t have a schoolroom per se in this house, actually.  But the assignment sheets are filled and we will start work again today.  I am eager for the return to routine.  We’ve hit World War 1 in history. The National Latin Exam is around the corner.

This flock of snow-hens doesn’t mind the snow.

Grateful: that everyone was healthy through the holidays- so few families can say that this year.  That SweetP enjoyed her birthday.  For Sam’s time off.  For a good meeting yesterday about our church’s children’s ministries.

Praying for: Heather & fam.  The Neals and Simons. Mandy. Judy. Kathie. Gentleness.


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