Last minute knitting panic. You?

I don’t know what I was thinking, waiting until the middle of December to begin knitting five hats.

Three have gone quickly, but the other two (for the girls) I planned in this sock-weight yarn, with a fiddly lace pattern.

Here I am during dance class, knitting at the coffee shop.

It would go much better if I could count.


A finished hat.  Number two, actually. But now I can’t find where I hid #1. So maybe I’m down to two finished hats?


I’ve been watching reruns of the 2012 Summer Olympics as I knit. Watching all those super-healthy swimmers (go Rebecca Soni!) and runners (Wow! Tirunesh Dibaba’s 10K medal!!) It makes me feel speedy. Especially the men’s 2008 4x100m free relay.  And I’m sure that all the records and splits Rowdy Gaines is quoting the whole time has nothing to do with my inability to count to four as I knit.

How’s your crafting? Are you going to make it?

3 thoughts on “Last minute knitting panic. You?

  1. I am reading this on the day after Christmas having just received a beginning knitting book and yarn with needles from my daughter. I am fascinated by your hats! That such things can come from those needles and yarn. I am inspired! Wow! Your blog is very fun to read.


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