The Weekend’s Jingle Bell Run

We had a blast on Sunday at Denver’s Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis research.  Last time we ran it, Sam was working, the temps were near zero, and I threw my back out trying to carry Phoebe inside my coat to keep her from getting frostbite.  Given that, it could have been pretty bad and still been better that 2012.


Saturday night, we prepared costumes.  We went back and forth: Jonah wanted us all to go as characters from A Christmas Carol, but the execution on that was going to be tricky.  In the end, Sam & the girls went as Christmas gifts; the girls, Owen & I wrote letters to Santa asking for a cure for RA and pinned them on our backs, and Jonah was Jacob Marley.  I’m not sure anyone knew who he was, but he had a good time rattling his chains.


Our friend Britta had us over for breakfast, and then we made our way to the race.  It was snowing big, fat, wet flakes which made the road slippery. Phoebe immediately fell in a big puddle.  I thought that was going to be it for her, but she pulled it together and walked the whole 5K.  Owen, Britta and I ran, though Owen sent us on ahead.


Our kids commented on how the posters at the side of the course inspired them.  Walking for those who can’t.  Amen.  Let’s keep walking.



2 thoughts on “The Weekend’s Jingle Bell Run

  1. Great pictures of the Jingle Bell Run. Hi to Britta. Annie thank you so much for the picture book you made of the family for me
    . the best presents of all are pictures

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