Quick Lit: December

What Ever Happened to Sunday Dinner?: A Year of Italian Menus with 250 Recipes that Celebrate Family (Lisa Camponigri): Part cookbook, part manifesto, this book really inspired me.  Camponigri’s goal is to help you craft a meal that will cause your family to linger. To talk. The food photos are gorgeous. Even the frontispieces, which are photos of her grandmother’s recipe cards, are beautiful.  We had a four-course dinner after I read this one.  Even if you’re not ready for that, give the book a read. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Wanderer (Sharon Creech): This YA story is another one of Creech’s masterpiece’s, in which you’re not entirely sure what’s going on with the narrators.  Sophie, her two cousins and her three uncles sail across the Atlantic. That part you’re sure of, and each voice is distinctive.  Loved it.

Darker than Amber (John D. MacDonald): This Travis McGee mystery wasn’t my favorite, though it won’t keep me from continuing my jagged march through them.

Nightmare in Pink (John D. MacDonald): Travis McGee’s adventure this time was disturbing and kept me awake.  Oy. Don’t start this one late at night!

A Christmas Carol (Dickens): The kids begged for it this year. I don’t know what was different than previous reads, but we were all really into it.  We read the version with illustrations by Roberto Innocenti.

Cinnamon Skin (John D. MacDonald): This Travis McGee book comes on the heels of Freefall in Crimson. I don’t want to spoil either of them for you, but once I read Freefall, I really had to read this one.  Aside from the page turning story, I enjoyed MacDonald’s commentary on how computers were going to change the world.  He was dead on.

Mrs. Hunter’s Happy Death: Lessons on Living from People Preparing to Die (John Fanestil): I picked this book up for a class I was preparing to teach at church. The class never happened, but the book is a worthwhile read. It’s less sensational than Peace, Love & Healing (Bernie Segal). Fanestil isn’t making promises to help you fight off the Grim Reaper. He’s describing what he’s seen and looking at the bigger picture.  I liked and still think it would make for a good read with a group.

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