Phfr: while Daddy’s away

You know how it is. While Sam was gone, I was two hands short for every task. Now he’s home (hooray!!) and I’m catching up on my sleep. Everyone is happier.

Pretty: we had amazing weather. I dragged the children on a walk on Saturday. “But I don’t want to take a walk!” they said.
“Do you want to eat?” I asked.

We walked to a local Thai restaurant and took some games to stretch out our lunch. We saw this petty nest on the way.


Yes, it really was that sunny. I came home with a raccoon-like sunburn, which made everyone at church think I’d been skiing. I wish.

Happy: So we got to the restaurant and played Bananagrams, Timeline and Mancala while we waited for our awesome Thai food to come. They seated us in the back of the restaurant, away from the other patrons. It put us rather near the store room and the stacks of beer boxes, but at least we had a nice, big table.


Funny: Saturday night, the children begged to watch something on TV. We get two channels on a good day, and I don’t actually have any idea what’s on TV lately, except for the shows they advertise during Bronco games, which are certainly not appropriate for my children. The shows, I mean. Their friends at church and school love Dr. Who, but I haven’t watched Dr. Who since the fourth doctor (Tom Baker, with the long scarf), so I couldn’t judge whether that would be appropriate either. All my children know about Dr. Who are the Daleks (scariest alien ever!) from Mr. Bean’s Nativity sketch, and I don’t think they’re ready for Daleks.

So I loaded up an episode of the fourth doctor with robots gone wrong, and we watched it. The children were fascinated by the terrible special effects, and I reminded them that this was 1977 and they should have a little mercy.

The next day, Owen and I made these pizza rolls for dinner, and I include them here because the two on this side look like Daleks.  Exterminate!


Real: While Sam was gone, the girls asked me for a few wall hooks for their secret hideout. I said No. They have a fun cupboard under the stairs that even has its own light; they don’t need to be affixing blankets to my walls as well. They they had another great idea, which was to push the couch out from the wall and drape the curtains over the back of the couch. Which was all fine until their brother came and sat on the couch- and the curtains, thus ripping the hardware off the wall.


What was that I was saying about being short two hands?

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3 thoughts on “Phfr: while Daddy’s away

  1. We watch the new Dr Who with Ben on Amazon, but preview it for M, K has to be in bed. Dan says all BBC productions “suffer from gratuitous angst,” (though he does watch them with me). We usually watch things from the library on video or stream PBS kids on the internet – we didn’t get cable or the box to recieve hd signals.

    Like the old Dr Who, there are great themes of heroism, politics, unusual allies, dying bravely, and the joy of exploration. The writing and acting is uneven, but occasionally terrific (like the old one) the special effects, however, stand up to Dan’s critical eye. The writers often endorse SSM, I suppose I should be grateful we are watching it together and discussing it, but I get a little tired of having to.

    One thing I enjoy is the grandparents that show up in the stories, and the 11th doctor’s wife – who is my age or slightly older and magnificent. How fun to have an adventure show where people out of college are still interesting.

    Where did you find the Robot? My library doesn’t carry it and I haven’t found it to stream. I loved Elizabeth Sladen as a girl, I wanted to wear pretty boots and have adventures. When I went to China with Betsy, I kept dreaming about Dr Who. I realized later that it made sense because I was literally a traveling companion for that trip.

    • I found it on Amazon prime, their instant videos. It’s in season 5: The Tomb of the Cybermen, I think.
      I love what you said: How fun to have an adventure show where people out of college are still interesting.” I’d also love to find a kids movie where children whose parents are still alive/present are able to have adventures.

  2. Tom Baker really was the best Doctor. The new ones are much scarier/disturbing than the old ones from the 70’s/80’s. I’d watch them first if your guys are sensitive. I know Ella won’t be watching them for years (unless I can get the old ones on DVD). It’s just like I’d love to introduce her to Lord of the Rings/Hobbit. But she’s not ready for those movies yet either. She’s like me and can’t ‘unsee’ something if it’s too much.

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