So I guess our chickens read the blog, because after I wondered aloud last week when we’d start seeing eggs, we found 2 soft-shelled eggs in the coop on Sunday.   Then Tuesday, we found a hard-shelled egg (speckled brown) and yesterday, another hard eggs (this one solid brown).  So I think that means we have 2 chickens laying eggs. This week, when the temperature has hardly broken zero.

First egg: translucent. Note the flip-flop wearing of last Sunday.

Third and fourth eggs. No flip-flops were worn in the gathering of these eggs.

We weighed the eggs, just to see how they compared with regular eggs.  The speckled one was 30g and the solid 31g.  To compare, a “grade A large brown egg” from a cage-free chicken was 67g.  Little eggs from young chickens.  This whole chicken thing is an adventure.


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