Last week I wrote “rearrange furniture” on the white board “schedule” three different days.  It didn’t happen.  Sam came home from work and read it.  Alarmed, he said, “What are you rearranging?!”

When I was growing up, my mom rearranged the furniture regularly.  Moving things around gave a room a whole new feel, without the expense of buying something new.  I loved the feeling of a fresh room, but as an adult I haven’t been much of a  rearranger.

So Monday, I tackled the living room.  I didn’t quite know what I wanted except for “cozier” and “better for conversation.”

I started by pulling the couches away from the walls.  There was nine months (have we really lived here 9 months now?!) of dust, plus a few marbles and pencils, along the baseboards.  Alas, the lost library book wasn’t hiding there.  The boys helped me with getting the couches onto the rug and bringing my special chair back out of our bedroom.

The result:


Better for conversation.

I don’t know how long it will stay this way, but for now I’m happy with it. Especially since everyone wants to snuggle there and read books on the couch with me. That’s what we need on this cold, snowy day.

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