Daybook: Nov 10

Out my window: it’s dark.  These dark mornings are good for promoting children’s sleep, but not for much else.  It’s hard to get out and run in the dark.  I do like the sunrises, though.  Here’s a recent one I saw from the hospital as I was coming out after a delivery.


In the kitchen: we’re out of groceries.  I have leftovers of my Vietnamese noodle bowl, but that doesn’t leave the children anything to eat.  (Well, there’s always frozen zucchini…)  That will be me at the grocery store with four children today, trying to smile brightly when the fifth person tells me, “Why, you sure do have your hands full!”

Both girls swam in the same relay this weekend. So fun.

We had one of those weekends– full but very busy.  We traveled for a swim meet and saw friends we hadn’t seen for a year.  We also ran into two friend at the meet we hadn’t seen for even longer.  Very fun, but my house is a wreck and we have nothing to eat.  Rice noodles, anyone?

In the schoolroom: so I don’t have the kids’ assignment sheets done yet, either.  But they ought to be able to figure some of it out.  “Do the next lesson in your math book.”   I think we’ll start with snuggling on the couch and reading, and then work our way up to the grocery store.  We’re finishing a biography of Margaret Brown and By the Shores of Silver Lake.  I feel a Swallows and Amazons book coming on…

In the garden: We’re supposed to have snow and a hard freeze this week, so sent the girls out with clippers to bring the remaining flowers into the house.  They did.


On my bedside table: I’m reading of my favorite Elswyth Thane books, From This Day Forward…  All the non-fiction awaiting me is pretty heavy, and I’ll admit to brain fatigue.

Speaking of fatigue, here is Owen’s 100 butterfly.

In my shoes: I ran two miles last night in a mad dash against the darkness.  I was hoping for three miles, but the darkness won.  Gone are the long, slow summer twilights.  Sam’s knee is slowly improving, so he’s beginning to run again.  “Just three,” he says, and runs three miles in the time it takes me to run two.  Hate that.


In the coop: Apparently the chickens read my post last week, because there were two (two!) eggs in the coop yesterday.  The eggs were both soft, so one of the chickens had stepped on one and broke it.  I read that first eggs can be a little funny– soft-shelled, or shaped strangely. Yes?  But if they are starting to lay and we’re not hearing and rooster-crowing, then Eponine is a hen. Yes?  Chicken-keeping is fraught with uncertainty…

These chickens are not dead.

Grateful: I am so grateful to be home.  To be running, even if it’s only a slow two miles sometimes.  I’m grateful for the friends I saw this weekend who have known me for more than a decade and know when I’m not being real.  I’m grateful for authenticity.  I’m grateful for the laughter around our dinner table.

Praying: for so many hurting people.  And so many people dear to me who are doing hard work.  For my friend who is planning to be deployed to West Africa with Doctors Beyond Borders, that she will be safe and brave and able to minister grace despite the constraints of space suit and fear.



3 thoughts on “Daybook: Nov 10

  1. Chickens! Normal soft egg issues. Sometimes they have streaks of blood on the outside. Think episiotomy. That’s normal and goes away. How funny that I am giving you chicken advice! Who would’ve thought?!

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