7 QT in which I answer questions about our chickens

One:  Yes, our chickens are still alive.  All eight of them.  You may remember we got eight chicks because people warned us that they wouldn’t all make it. We wanted four to six in the end. Eight chicks were manageable, cute, and cute. Did I mention they were cute?  Eight full-grown (or almost full-grown) is a lot of feathers.  And a lot of feed. And sixteen feet scratching in my yard.


Two: Yes, our chickens seem to be stupid. But they might be smarter than we are. Case in point, here they are on my patio. I thought the large baby gate we put on our patio would keep them off it. Yeah, right.


Three: The gate might have had a chance of containing the chickens had I insisted early on that the children close it properly. However, the children think the gate is just there to inconvenience them. Why doesn’t Mommmy want the chickens on the patio? Why is Mommy so mean?


Four: The chickens do indeed have personalities.  Like the seven dwarves: Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy… The white one here is Marshmallow (as in Marshmallow, the snow monster in Frozen).  She is picky.


Five: This is Rhonda (as in, “Help Me, Rhonda!”)  All the chickens have names from musicals. Remember how cute Rhonda was in the summer?

Six: No, we are not planning to eat our chickens.  But I am planning to eat their eggs.

Seven: This week Epomarius (as we are calling the chicken formerly known as Eponine) is looking more like a hen. We’re thinking she was just going through an awkward phase.  Turns out it’s hard to tell with Easter Eggers, as both males and females get fluffy necks and lack crowns.  Confusing, I know.  What do you think?



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6 thoughts on “7 QT in which I answer questions about our chickens

  1. Your chickens reminded me of one of the best stories I’ve ever read on a blog. My friend Kira had chickens, and one in particular liked to run into the house. She named it Soup – both as a threat to the chicken, and as a plea to her husband (she figured he wouldn’t kill the bird if it had a name).

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