Daybook: November 2014

Out my window: rain.  And cold.  We need the rain, but I’m selfishly thinking how it will make my run no fun.

In the kitchen: it’s finally soup weather!  I have several butternut squashes on my counter just begging to be made into soup. (You can imagine how thrilled the children are at the prospect.)  I’ve promised to offer something they like along with the soup.  Maybe leftover Halloween candy.

Also in the kitchen, we held our first home Chopped competition.  It was fierce.  I had the children make a dessert from bananas, honey nut cheerios, peanut M&Ms, and  strawberries.  Then Sam and I tasted each dessert and ranked them on presentation, taste, creativity, and use of all the ingredients.  They took it very seriously, all were very serious about their cooking (and the importance of my sounding just like Ted Allen) and did a pretty good job.  The prize was a dollar.

In the school room: we begin stoichiometry this week.  Last week we revisited covalent v. ionic bonds, as my initial explanation of that had the children utterly confused.


I’m noticing  my children’s willingness to get out of testing.  (“Testing” in this case being writing essays on books we’ve read.)  I wrote “testing” on our assignment sheets two weeks ago but not on my own planner, and when I forgot to do it, no one reminded me– not that day, nor the next, or even the entire week.  Crazy.  So I need to be more on top of it this week.

On the needles: I went back to the red sweater now that the baby blue sweater is finished.  However, I forgot that I had moved the sweater onto a smaller circular needle (to use the size 7 for the blue sweater) and knit four rows before I realized the mistake.  So I’ll be frogging.


In my shoes: last month was a good month for running.  My total mile count was better than it’s been for months, and most of my runs (though not all of them!) felt really good.  I’m hoping the time change and the early darkness doesn’t throw that off.

Grateful: for a good time with my parents this weekend; that my headache is gone; for the baby born Friday night during my shift.  For all the brave medical professionals and local volunteers working to stem the ebola outbreak.


Praying for: those with chronic illnesses.  Chronic is so hard.  For the wisdom and commitment here in the US to work toward ending the ebola outbreak instead of just defending our own borders.  For refugees.



8 thoughts on “Daybook: November 2014

  1. Was moriah the winner? Such a great idea! Thank you for your posts. Always refreshing. Adding “read Annie’s posts” to my daily refreshments list.

  2. Chopped!! We did that for my dad’s b-day last year! But we all worked together. And the ingredients were super hard. My mom couldn’t be there b/c of her school, and she made the baskets HARD!! Appetizer-Qinoa(before it was cool{pronounced keenwah, not sure of the spelling}), tea bags, butternut squash cubes, and pomegranate seeds. Main Course- London broil, spinach, prickly pear cactus, and orange marmalade Dessert- Puff pastry, yam, and two other things I forget.

  3. Ok… I had read halfway through that last comment thinking…”wow…we did this too”…before realizing that it had been written by my daughter. 🙂 It was Quinoa that cued me in… what other crazy mama would give her kids THAT! Love to you all. Tell M she’s a champ even if she didn’t win. Love the pic of her.

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