Daybook: Late October

Outside my window: it’s cold today.  Not quite a freeze yet, but it’s coming.  I’ve been loving the fall colors this year and am hoping to get out today for a walk or run. Or both.


In the kitchen: Moriah is making muffins.  “Even though I’ve only been cooking for 27 minutes,” she says, “it feels like an hour!”  I second that.

In the schoolroom: we’ve been really focusing on the basics: history, grammar, math.  We loved the biographies we read last week on Helen Keller, Theodore Roosevelt and Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  This week is Jane Addams.  She was really a remarkable person.



Colorado Gothic

Around the house: it would be really great to do a deep clean before we hit the colder days and have to spend more time inside.  I can’t find my indoor flip flops and am walking around on grit.  Ick.  But my tolerance for cleaning right now is low.

On my mind: the Ebola crisis.  While Sam has to focus on planning here, I am free to pray and think West Africa, and my heart is heavy.  What a tragedy.

On the needles: I just bought yarn for some hats for the kids, but I have to finish my fall sweater first.

On my reading table: our small group is reading Finding Calcutta by Mary Poplin.  It’s a reread for me and is even better this second time around.  She’s wise.  I’m also reading Gene Cards by E.E. Giorgi, a fast paced Sci-fi thriller I’m enjoying a lot.

Grateful for: a hike this weekend.  It wasn’t strenuous by any means, but at least we were outside. In the mountains.   Today’s planned visit with a dear friend and her kids- we used to be neighbors and could meet any time for park play.  Now we’ve both moved, and it’s a production to get us together, but it’s always work it.  The full version of Let Us Keep the Feast, our book on living the church year at home, being released on Saturday for All Saints’.  The sixteen children we had in children’s church yesterday.

Praying for: Mandy. Judy. Lois. Clare. Erin. Those risking their lives to care for those with Ebola.  The Lawndale family.  West Africa.  Gaza.  Refugees.  Patience.


2 thoughts on “Daybook: Late October

  1. Jane Addams was an amazing person… I was going to do a reasearch project on her, but i couldn’t find enough resources. P.S. I read every one of your posts P.P.S. JONAH IS GETTING OLD. [?]

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