{p,h,f,r}: Autumn Days

Pretty:  I love autumn. I especially love October.  I love the color which is especially spectacular around here this year– probably because of all the rain we’ve had– and the light, which is so different from summer light. I walk around marveling at the color (“Look at that tree!”) and the light (“Look at the way the light is hitting the mountains!”) until my kids can’t take it any more.
Just look at the color of this bush!

Happy: I also love the cooler days.  My kids like to lounge in their jammies in the morning, so getting them out to the park early enough in the summer to beat the heat is hard.  In the autumn, we can head out at midday.

Look at how blue the sky is!

Funny:  Phoebe loves to make little rooms for her dolls all over the house.  If I find the family on a shelf, they live in an apartment.  She especially loves big books because “they make good floors.”  This family dinner occurred in the study.

The other day I found a doll’s bathroom set up in the hallway. I draped a little piece of wet paper towel over the edge of the bathtub and put a chocolate chip in the toilet. When I called her and told her to ask her people please to clean their bathroom, she dissolved in giggles and ate the chocolate chip. So much for sanitation.

Real: As I mentioned, I love light.  But the light in my kitchen is killing me.  The other day, the glare was so bad it gave me a migraine.  Any suggestions on how to hang curtains over a three-panel sliding glass door?  I need some help here.

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7 thoughts on “{p,h,f,r}: Autumn Days

  1. Your daughters scenes are so clever and cute!!!! We have a long door as well and many years ago hung a curtain rod( a long wooden pole we bought at Home Depot and cut to length) over the top and then I took fabric ( could use sheets cut to size or bleached drop cloths) and made a long drape to pull across. I have changed the curtain over the years, but we have used this system for 25 years!


  2. Love your captures! Beautiful! I am loving Fall more and more as time goes on too! And, I wish I had some tips for the curtains! I have yet to master or put on any in our new home.


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