{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Pretty: We’re reaching the end of our farm season.  It’s been a hard one for our farmer: cold and rainy. Somehow, despite all that, we’ve had a fantastic bounty of beautiful food.Untitled

Happy: Sam and Jonah went to Chicago to visit, and Grandma sent Owen this hat.   How perfect is that?

Funny: Grilled chicken, anyone?


Real: Hey, look! That’s my husband on the news (this was the NYT). I feel a little guilty being proud, since what he’s working on is so dreadful for all the families, but still. I am proud of his hard work.  If only he could be home long enough for me to tell him that.

Now go check out Like Mother Like Daughter for more phfr!


2 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Thanks for introducing me to the Farm. The first year has been good and we’ll do it again.
    I enjoyed hearing Sam on my drive in to work one day. Really grateful for the work he’s able to be used in to help bring understanding.
    Is that gate effectively keeping the chickens in?

  2. You’re so welcome! The farm has been a blessing to us, too.
    The chickens mostly respect the gate… periodically they perch on it and flaunt their freedom. So far we’ve had only one escape, and that when Rhonda was so little she could fit between the fence and the house.

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