What I learned on a recent run


I used to love taking personality tests.  I was convinced that each new inventory, rather than the last one, would reveal my future.  I would finally see how my unique set of gifts and talents fit me for a particular task. I would finally know the mission for which God had been preparing me since I was born. Each academic year I acquired a new set of skills, and I believed they were taking me another step closer to accomplishing the life work God had already determined for me. My destiny.  [I’m writing over at Venn Magazine today. Will you read the rest there?]

If you’re visiting from Venn Magazine, you might enjoy Dream Big, Dream Long, or what I learned when I went to Guatemala last fall.  I promise I’ll post more about last week’s trip to Guatemala on Friday.



2 thoughts on “What I learned on a recent run

  1. Herrons can disappear even when you know you are looking at them. What a special moment, what a good application.

    I re-read your story about “accidentally” meeting the eye doctor in Guatemala to Dan last night, it encouraged both of us. It reminded me of something Andrew White wrote in “The Vicar of Baghdad” When we pray, coincidents happen, and when we don’t, neither do they. I think he was quoting someone else, I read it last spring and returned it to the library.

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