Grateful: Home Safe

Hello, friends.  I’m home today and grateful for a really good trip.  I’ve so much to be grateful for:

:: for the five community health workers we had an opportunity to get to know


:: for their commitment to education and the health of their community


:: for laughter


:: for the gift of Spanish, which was indispensable this trip


:: for the tour bus of Salvadoran physicians who spontaneously gave us a ride to Antigua

:: for the kind couple who drove us from the bus station to our hotel

:: for Pam, whose company and partnership were such blessings

:: for Kim and Kelly, our house-mates, who are working there another week (and who humored my desire for game nights)


:: for the refrigerator that held the milk that Kelly made that made my morning tea work


:: for all the prayers that traveled with us (including those of a lovely prayer warrior sitting next to us on our plane down to Houston who had a pre-existing love for the people of Guatemala)

:: for all the love lavished on my family while I was away
More details to come, I promise!

3 thoughts on “Grateful: Home Safe

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