Our favorite games

This is another list of our favorites, to go with Audio books and musicals for  long road trips and the books we read on the 19th Century (annotated for age).

Today I’m going to share some of our favorite games.  We have several friends who recommend games to us, but in case you don’t know our fabulous friends, I’ll share some of their recommendations here.

For all ages:

Quirkle is a tile-based game, in which you build interlocking rows of tiles based on color and shape.  Think scrabble for non-readers. The variations are interesting enough that readers enjoy it, too.

Dixit (think balderdash with images) is a game of picture cards. One person says a word or phrase which describes their card and lays their card face down. Everyone else chooses the card from their hand which best fits the word/phrase, and then everyone votes for which card was the original namer’s card.  I just bought an expansion pack with more images.

Pictureka is an I-Spyesque game which my younger kids love.

How to describe Snorta– barnyard war with memory, perhaps?  This one always has us laughing.

Spoons.  All you need is a deck of cards (which doesn’t have to be complete) and a handful of spoons.  A classic.

For the older crowd:

UNO, Phase 10, and MilleBornes are all card games which require enough dexterity to hold a bunch of cards in your hand, but we come back to them again and again.

Timeline is a newer game, with versions based on historical events, science, or entertainment.  There are just enough odd events (the invention of the cartoon, anyone?) to give the kids a chance against my historian dad.

Timeline with a boy who desperately needed a haircut

Settlers of Catan.  I love this game and have been known to put the littles to bed early so we can play it.

Ticket to Ride is a strategy geography game, in which you race around the country (or around Europe or Asia) on the railroads to build the most routes.

Your turn!  Please leave your favorite family games in the comments. (But please don’t say Risk.  I hate Risk.)



3 thoughts on “Our favorite games

  1. You named many of our favorites and thanks for giving new ones for us to try! We also love the 10 Days games (10 Days in Africa or USA or Asia…) – awesome for learning geography
    Forbidden Island
    Rivers, Roads, and Rails
    Scotland Yard

  2. My family also loves Phase 10 and Spoons. We’re also huge Catch Phrase fans, although we can only play it so often, as the ticking timer has kind of a detrimental mental health effect.

    Another awesome card game is Kemps – it’s kind of like Spoons, but has a teamwork aspect to it and requires code words and keeping your cool. My brothers are masters at it – I’ve never won a game.

    When I was a kid, we played Tripoli a lot – it’s a poker game, and I loved the board game aspect of it.

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