Invisible Victories: a link-up

Did you have an invisible victory this week?  I did.

I rode my bike to work (and back).

There are so many reasons why I mightn’t have: I didn’t want to get to work all sweaty.  The path disappears for a bit, and I wasn’t quite sure where it came out.  I’m lazy.  I’d have to leave twenty minutes earlier.  I might be late…

But my friend Sarah rode to work last week, and she inspired me.  So I got up twenty minutes earlier, packed my deodorant, and hopped on my bike before I could talk myself out of it.  On the way home, I stopped at the post office and then, when I got a flat tire, at target to buy a bike pump. I made it home. Smiling.

I’m sure no one whizzing past me in a car had any idea of my triumph, but it meant a lot to me. #invisiblevictory

Would you share your invisible victory from this week?  Maybe it was cooking at home instead of picking up take-out on the way home.  Or turning off facebook because your child wanted to spend some time with you. Or choosing to hold your tongue when it would have been more satisfying to shout.

I’d love to cheer you on.  To be inspired. Drop a comment on facebook or the blog or link to your own invisible victory, and we’ll share a glass of virtual champagne.
invisible victories


6 thoughts on “Invisible Victories: a link-up

  1. This is going to sound completely nerdy, and perhaps reflect how complicated healthcare often seems. Within a very large healthcare system, I actually got a patient a blood transfusion today. What’s notable is that it involved talking with very helpful hospital staff member who gave me the exact directions I need (because I didn’t know) AND it happened in a timely fashion without any mis-communication. It actually felt seamless, and I actually felt like I accomplished something. Cheers to small victories.

    I actually talked myself out of biking yesterday, even as I appreciated how nice the weather was all day, and secretly appreciated NOT biking as it rained on my drive home. Cheers to avoiding something a bit unpleasant.

    And on this Friday night, I am GOING to submit a completed grant by midnight.

  2. Actually, I spent six hours once trying to get one of my patients a transfusion without admitting her, so I appreciate your triumph. You had a divine appointment with the person who told you exactly what had to be done. And cheers to not being in the deluge on the way home. Did the grant make it in?

  3. This is very inspiring and I’d like to join in your link up. You’ve had a lot of great posts lately, But I just haven’t gotten to comment. 🙂 I’ll try to get some writing up in my space in time to link to your next one. For now, an invisible victory for me was planning meals all week last week. I know it’s a small thing, but sometimes it’s really a big thing!

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