Further developments in air conditioning

You may recall our air conditioning has been broken.  It was broken in June when our friends turned it on for the first time.  It was broken in July.  The first time HVAC guy came to fix it, he started by telling me that I didn’t understand how to use it properly.  “See,” he said, “you  can’t wait until the house is 90 degrees and expect it to cool down just like that.” He snapped his fingers.

I said when I turned it on, I expected to have cold air pumping through the vents, regardless of whether the house was 88 or 90 degrees.

He asked if I had changed the filter recently.

Two hours later, he said that the coolant had frozen into a block of ice because of a shortage of coolant.  He had “topped it off.  It should work fine now,” he said.

Two weeks later, I turned it on, and there was almost no cold air running through the vents. Again, there was a ring of condensation on the floor around the furnace.  I youtubed it this time to see what else could be wrong.

Enter HVAC man #2 (same company).  I explained how the first time the system had been low on coolant and since the same thing happened again, I suspected a leak in the system.

“Have you changed your filter?” he asked.


Two hours later, he came to explain to me that there wasn’t a leak, precisely, but that the system thought there was a leak.  “The air conditioner is like a heart,” he said.  “You know a heart is like a pump?”

Yeah, I said, I know about how the heart is like a pump.

Anyway, he’s gone again.  The pseudo-leak has been fixed [he says] and “it should all work fine now.”  Of course, today it’s 72 degrees and there’s no way I’m running the system to find out.  But I may go change the filter just for fun.


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