{phfr}: late July

{Pretty}: These beauties were perched on a log by the lake where I ran last week.  They were so gorgeous they made my heart hurt.

{Happy}: Our friends who live in the Philippines stayed with us for a few days.  What a blessing to spend time with them, to be able to hear what they’re learning and seeing and doing there… not to mention to have our kids all hanging out.  I’m grateful.


{Funny}: My favorite part about the chicks is how much my children love them.  Jonah tries to make everything fair by holding each of them equally, even when some of them clearly don’t want to be held.  Owen, on the other hand, prefers to hold only Rhonda (his) but will hold her all day.  Moriah definitely projects her own fears and anxieties (rain, wind and thunder) onto the chicks, but the chicks don’t seem to mind any of it.  And Phoebe doesn’t want anyone to hold her chick, Marshmallow, who is vying for Head Chick in the flock.

Here’s Rhonda, when she was still fluffy.

{Real} :  I’m grateful for the end of our swimming season.  The meets, which run all morning, wipe me out and then we come home and I’m supposed to feed the children?  They’re hot and tired, I’m hot and tired, and nobody is really hungry.  One day I managed to make four grilled cheese sandwiches for them.  Here’s what was left over.

After that, I declared it was “find your own lunch” after a swim meet, which has worked much better.
For more {p,h,f,r}, go check out Like Mother, Like Daughter!


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