Anybody else feeling the crush?

Last week I was a crazy woman. So crazy that Sam asked me if he should cancel his trip.

Does a bowl of cherries count as dinner?

There wasn’t any one thing that was too much, but the sum of my commitments was crushing me. I got back from a quick and excellent weekend trip on Monday night. Then swim team + work + an extra night working the hospital + a swim meet + dinner guests + editing deadlines + tae kwon do + grocery shopping + prep for children’s church + practicing three songs for worship = too much. Not to mention the extra work a girl in a long arm cast requires and all the World Cup games I wanted to watch. Paralyzed by the weight of it all, I curled up on the porch and read books instead of making dinner.

Owen’s 100 frestyle

Every summer I commit to doing the good things I say no to during the school year (because during the year I can admit that they’re too much to add to my daily life). Even if I’m not teaching every day, I’m still creating next year’s lesson plans and tending to four children whose needs don’t stop just because it’s summer.

Next May, when I look at a seeming my open calendar in June, I need to remember that what I really want is a few hikes and a day or two sailing. I want to remember that in order to make that happen, I need to use the word No more often.


4 thoughts on “Anybody else feeling the crush?

  1. When I have an insight about how to do next year (but don’t have next year’s calender yet) I sometimes put a draft predated to the time of year I need to act on my insight on my blog – I almost never turn it into a post, but I do find it.

    I find potential blog posts so much more interesting than calenders anyway.

  2. Empathetic tears welling up in my tired, weary eyes. I’ve been falling asleep at 9:30 every night and not able to get up before 6:30 in the morning (i.e. no morning runs going on here right now!). I was thinking I was pregnant (chances are pretty low). Now that I read your post I think it’s this addiction to filling space that has gotten me to this place of exhaustion. Hidey hole & worship music, Swing & a book…I get it. Thank you (again) for the reminder to prioritize well.

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