Daybook: mid-July

Out my window: our little flock is so entertaining. They huddle together and follow each other around the garden. Elfie (the biggest) picked up a red and green leaf, and everyone was so convinced she had something amazing that they chased her around the coop three times before she got a moment of privacy to eat the leaf alone. I can totally identify.


In the kitchen: our friends are bringing us dinner tonight. She’s promising to bring a tomato-cilantro-tuna casserole with onions. Can’t wait.

Around the house (this should be its own category, but it’s not) I’m struggling with keeping the house clean. Part of my problem is a lack of summer routine. Part is the challenge of what Phoebe can do with a broken arm, and everyone else wanting out of their chores if she gets out of hers. Here she is, one-handed, trying to put the napkins in their holders.



Very sanitary.

In the schoolroom: most of my mental energy has gone into trying to write next year’s curriculum.  It’s  a multi-step process involving research on the library’s (and Amazon’s and Sonlight’s and Rainbow Resource’s) websites and then ordering at least a fair number of the books.  Our learning is very reading-heavy, and if I don’t have the bulk of the books on hand, I find we do a lot less “school” than we would otherwise.  I hear a lot of, “But I have nothing to read!” which is bunk, as you’ll know if you’ve ever been in our house.  Somehow I just can’t keep my children in books based purely on trips to the library.  I hope soon to post our reading lists: both what we read this past year, and what I have planned for 2014-5.

In the garden: my zinnias are starting to open.  And the seeds I thought were cosmos look suspiciously like marigolds.  I’ll keep you posted.

On my mind: refugees.  I just read that there are more than 50 million refugees of war right now. That’s the most since  World War II.  (And just like during WWII, few of them are here.)

Grateful for: friends who come to sign Phoebe’s cast. For a weekend with my dear friend and her family, who are moving across the world. For Sam’s ability to run the house while I’m gone.


Praying for: Jerusha & family, Mandy, Judy’s hip rehab, Heather & fam, Clare, Caleb’s trip, for my friends who are foster parents– it takes so much, Phoebe’s arm and sanity (the doctor is saying 3 months in a cast!), more of Jesus in me.



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