Me gusta la Copa Mundal

We’ve been sitting around with terrible lassitude, hiding in the basement from the heat.  We don’t have cable and I am too cheap to pay for it. I find the idea of paying a company to pump ads into my home problematic, so no cable for me.   But I love watching the World Cup.   Enter Univision.

Univision provides free soccer into our family room while the kids build Legos. The kids like it because they can catch all the commercials at half time (medio tiempo), and I like it because they are strengthening their Spanish muscles. #summerschool.

Every once in awhile I google a clip from a game we missed, and these are invariably in English with much less exciting commentating.

Observations: Coca Cola has the best commercials (in Spanish, too).

The goalies are amazing. (My favs: Navas for Costa Rica and Rais for Algeria.)

Los Ticos use a lot of product in their hair.

My children are total amateurs at floppering compared to these professionals.  How do they do it?

Homer giving Ronaldo a red card, from Marge Gamer, The Simpsons, season 18



One thought on “Me gusta la Copa Mundal

  1. No cable here either. My kids have been doing the same with Univision here! Except that David is also old enough now to go watch it in a bar with friends. Today he’s down at Soldier Field for Chicago’s big free public viewing party!

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